DISCLAIMER: I am not sure what this blog looks like in my mind yet. I do know though, that I want it to help other millennials in big and small ways. I want it to be entertaining, sometimes with heavy topics and sometimes with light topics. Because being in your 20’s is hard, and we all deserve to laugh!

If you have absolutely no idea what a millennial is please click here.

I, (AKA B), the woman behind How To Millennial, hope to entertain other fellow members of Generation Y with my posts about music, fashion, art and other fun things. I am currently studying full-time at a university in Canada. I hope to use this blog as a distraction from my daily frustrations — mostly reading textbooks, and studying.

Fun Facts:

Favorite saying: Carpe Diem.

Future Career Goals: Occupational Therapy

Bank Account Balance: 0.00 (AKA, I am student broke).

Car I drive: Toyota Corolla

Favorite Animal: dogs… I am a dog lady (like a cat lady, except I snap and insta my dog almost once a day).


Here’s a picture of him now… (obsessed).


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