Music Review – Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

Side note: The idea to post a review of this song popped up into my head when I was driving home today, and it came on in the car on my shuffled playlist. When I saw today’s assignment for Blogging 101 – Dear Dream Reader, I decided it would be a cool way to incorporate a new element in my posts. Here goes nothing!

From what I got from their website, Walk The Moon began in Cincinnati and is known for their lengthly time touring on the roads. In order to continue their music careers, they took a period of 6 weeks off from touring to write new music. This was then followed by a lengthly period of recording, and thus the excellence that is Shut Up and Dance was produced.

The song is undoubtably a pop-rock anthem with incredible motivating powers to make you get up off your couch and dance. The guitar is upbeat and riveting, and the vocals are amazing. There is also a strong presence of electric instruments mixed in as well. The sound of this song, and others from their new album Talking is Hard, reminds me a lot of the Imagine Dragons sound. I personally really like the sound on this new album, having only recently discovered the song when it was for on iTunes for free (broke student life), however there are some long time fans that do not like their “new” sound.

Take a listen for your self fellow millennial!


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