The BIG 5: (Not So Serious) Student Life Essentials

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1. Booze

What’s college life without a little booze? Okay, okay, a lot of booze. I could get into some interesting (embarrassing) stories, but I will save my pride and dignity and keep those off the internet!

2. Gatorade

Trust me… if you haven’t figured it out by now, you’ll thank me in the morning. Buy a buttload of these and store one beside your bed before you leave for that baggin’ club or rave or whatever. When you wake up from your slumber gasping for air because your mouth is so dry, this drink will be heaven. Not to mention, it also helps to relieve hang overs.

3. Kraft Dinner

Because how else are you going to afford alcohol? Living on a student budget requires sacrifices of course. NOTE: This delicious meal may be subbed out for the less delicious option – ichiban.

4. A wingman/best friend

I’m not a fan of the generally accepted meaning behind wing man, but it serves a certain purpose in my own mind. You need to get yourself an awesome bud (of any gender) that will be there for you when your drunk and embarrassing, and can always count on to make the right decisions. For example, when its your birthday and you’re grade nine “white” girl wasted, this friend will stop you from making out or going home with unsuitable dates… or let you… depending on your pre drinking agreements!

5. Coffee

Coffee is an essential for two reasons. One, because you are not going to be getting any sleep for the next 4 or so years of your life, and in order to get up for that dreadful 7:30am Anatomy class tomorrow, you’re going to need one XL Tim Horton’s Coffee. Two, because after that long evening of drinking and dancing on a Wednesday, you’re going to need it to get through that dreadful Thursday.



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